Cripple Creek, Colorado

Trying to dodge to the freeways landed me in a weird little Colorado town last night called Cripple Creek. It was snowing, the road was icing up and I was low on fuel when it seemed like I fell off planet earth and landed in zombie/wierdville. Cripple Creek is an old gold mining town west of Colorado Springs in the Rocky Mountains. All the old saloons, brothels and pool halls are still standing and it looked magical from outside, but inside was purely acres of slot machines. It was Saturday night and I thought a band would be playing somewhere but after walking the streets in freezing conditions, the only thing I found with any personality was a bear. Still, $3 got me a couple of pieces of pizza and as much root beer (ginger flavoured coke) as I could drink which was the whole of ½ a glass. This morning some of the local donkeys were sunning themselves under the awnings along the main street, the rest of them were still sleeping.

bear-hug1.jpg cripple-creek-co1.jpg cripple-creek-31.jpg cripple-creek-donkeys1.jpg cripple-creek-basketball1.jpg cripple-creek-sheriff-21.jpg cripple-creek-cold1.jpg

On the way up to Denver I checked out some ancient cliff dwellings and the Garden of the Gods. Will would have loved this.

cliff-dwellings1.jpg cliff-dwellings-21.jpg cliff-dwellings-31.jpg garden-of-the-gods1.jpg garden-of-the-gods21.jpg garden-of-the-gods31.jpg

On up to Denver and on a recommendation thought I would visit the US’s number 1 Honkey Tonk Bar. After three goes of trying to get off the freeway and find it I gave up, more relieved than disappointed. I’ve possibly done more city driving in the past 12 days than ever before, these freeways/loops/bypasses are pretty scary but they do move people.


So lots of farm stuff going on at the moment…


Fly out for LA in the morning, my bag seems to be getting smaller.

3 thoughts on “Cripple Creek, Colorado

  1. Hey Chris,
    We spent the weekend with your Mum and Dad, your Mum told me all about your trip and web site. So now we too will be following you around the world with the power of the net. Sounds and looks very interesting. Enjoy your trip.

  2. hey chris! all of your posts and pictures are all amazing and it looks like you are having so much fun over there in the states chasing goats 🙂

    hope it’s not too cold over there for you and that all is well and you aren’t missing home too much.

    lots of love and hellos from the mcclures at kallara xoxx

  3. Loving the posts and the insights into these countries whilst I am stuck in Dubsville. My feet are getting itchy each time I read about your new adventure. Make sure you keep us entertained over the coming months!
    Renee & Reuben.

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