Rooms with a View

During the course of my travels I get to stay in some amazing places so thought I would make a page of the views from my room. I think camping in Mongolia may prove to be the best, but we’ll wait and see.ans-place-at-tennesee1.jpg mongolia-from-train-1.jpg  view-from-apartment1.jpgHere’s some morning view pics from the last few weeks in Mongolia, scenery is just spectacular and great to have spent so many nights camping out.150810-hotel-mandalgov.jpg 160810-tent-door-omnigobi.jpg 170810-tent-door-omnigobi.jpg 180810-tgost-ovoo.jpg 190810-flaming-cliffs.jpg 200810-bulgan-ger.jpg 210810-from-my-tent.jpg 210810-inside-my-tent-after-a-sandstorm1.jpg 220810-river-bed.jpg 230810-dalanzadgad.jpg 250810-desert-stepe-from-tent.jpg 260810-river-bed-camp.jpg 270810-desert-steppe.jpg last-camp-site1.jpg 

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