Myrnong Station

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  1. Hi
    Really great to meet you Chris! Looking forward to discussing goat meat in Washington with you.
    I set off to London on Wednesday for a couple of days and then we arrive on the Saturday.
    We have been selling goat meat for 4 years now and sell via the internet, farmer’s markets and food festivals. Mostly selling to foodies and general public. As you know UK has demand for the meat but few stocks…….. OZ has a lot of stocks, there was a documentary last month on the feral goats being harvested. You have good conditions for goats there.

    Thanks for getting in touch,
    best wishes,

  2. All the best Chris! You are in for one heck of an adventure, that’s for sure.
    Just remember…those experiences that freak you out or drive you mad may be your best stories when you get home, so enjoy it all!

  3. Have a great trip Christine. I look forward to following your progress via your blog. Hopefully you’ll get a bit of time for some R&R in addition to the main aim of the trip. Sounds like more rain may be on the way to you from the NT & SW Qld. With a bit of luck you’ll come home to enjoy the legacy of a bumper season.


  4. G’day Chris, Wishing you all the best for your trip and look forward to following your progress via posts on this excellent site. Safe travels, Brian

    Wishing you the very best time during your travels, research and touring. Looking forward to following your blog with keen interest. All the best, Kylie & Crew

  6. We’re so proud Chrissie to share in this journey with you Chrissie. I have forwarded your email to Dad as I know he’d be keen to keep up -to-date with you. x

  7. Hi Sis!!!
    Your lateral thinking and motivation will help improve the industry, not just here in OZ but internationally. I am proud of you, have a great trip. xx

  8. G’day Chris
    Your blogsite is great. Only just heard of it. I’m very pleased your trip has been so successful and widespread, MONGOLIA! Oh to have the opportunity to travel so far and wide wow. Keep up the good work, Love to you and family. I promise or threaten, to get out there one day. Best regards Robyn (cousin). PS. My news, I sold a painting at the Greek Odyssey Exhibition at Castle Hill White House Gallery, I was so excited, my first sale oooohhhhhwwweee. hooroo for now RER 🙂

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